To secure our website and to enjoy online dating as a great experience, the website incorporated features like SSL certificate and MYDIGIPASS. Our goal is to make your visit to our website at the most comfortable level.


Our website is equipped with an SSL certificate (https://)!

It means that your confidential information is encrypted to ensure your data cannot be intercepted.

We have chosen, with respect to our visitors, to go for the most extended verification (EV). As a visitor of our website you'll see a green address bar with our company information. This is crucially important, because it gives you as a visitor more confidence.

An EV certificate also gives our website a professional and trustworthy appearance.

Because of the green address bar, visitors are able to see at a glance with whom they do business. 

  • Additional security, recognisable green address bar with company information
  • Verification of domain name holder, company data & applicant
  • More confidence
  • Higher Google ranking


With MYDIGIPASS, Security brings ease of use!

MYDIGIPASS from VASCO® is a cloud-based two-factor authentication service. The foundation of MYDIGIPASS is to leverage highly-secure technology.

On typical websites, users login with email addresses and static passwords: something they know. Two-factor authentication adds something they have to the authentication process. On websites that have integrated MYDIGIPASS, users securely login by generating an OTP using their authenticator by scanning a QR code with their mobile devices, authenticating via the embedded DIGIPASS® in Intel® IPT on their laptop, or by using one of the 100 million DIGIPASS hardware tokens in the field. The authenticator is what the user has and is the second authentication factor.

MYDIGIPASS offers a unique experience to securely and conveniently connect to websites or native apps on any smartphone or tablet. Click here for a demo.

The MYDIGIPASS mobile app authentication solution allows a user to securely log on from a mobile app or a website by simply clicking the ‘MYDIGIPASS Secure Connect’ button. The MYDIGIPASS app will open and request the user’s PIN code.

Upon validation the user is automatically redirected to the mobile app or website. The authentication process is seamlessly integrated into the app, invisible for the end user. Even in case the mobile device is stolen or lost, the user can remain ensured that no one else can access his applications secured by MYDIGIPASS.

All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection to safely access your favorite websites from anywhere, anytime with MYDIGIPASS™.

All traffic sent to MYDIGIPASS is encrypted and secured through the SSL or TLS protocol. Users’ credentials are never exposed.

MYDIGIPASS protects our website by authenticating identities and securing content to assure users that our site is secure.

MYDIGIPASS is an easy-to-deploy cloud-based system with the same proven technology trusted by global financial institutions for 20 years.



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